Asda announces £500,000 disaster fund boost for 2016

The Asda Foundation has announced that it will increase its local disaster fund to £500,000 over the next 12 months, to help local communities following the recent flooding.

Photo of Flood e1392284922211 300x164The charity said the fund will help to provide food, water, clothing, cleaning materials and products and support during the clean-up.

Asda said its colleagues have been helping to clean and provide collection points at stores for anyone who wishes to donate items to their community.

Chair of the Asda Foundation Alex Simpson said: “This is an extremely challenging time for families and communities, and could not come at a worse time of year for them.

“Store colleagues have been absolutely fantastic in supporting their neighbours – from joining the clean-ups in their areas to providing emergency supplies to community groups and charities to distribute where they’re needed the most.

“Our store managers and community life colleagues are really leading this drive on the ground and the decision to increase our local disaster fund to £500,000 to help them do this was an easy one for the trustees to make.”


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