Asda will soon know the impact its digital ads have on in-store sales


In a first for the European market, Asda has woven Nielsen’s Brand Lift technology into its mobile programmatic activity giving it the ability to connect its digital ad spend to the impact it’s having on in-store customers.

It’s a step forward in how Asda  is able to meaure the effectiveness and impact of its mobile activity, with it previously reliant on e-commerce and direct response metrics.

“In 2016, one of our media buying strategic pillars is to fully understand the impact of digital advertising on store behavior, this is a step in the right direction,” explained Nick Bamber, head digital advertising at the retailer.

With Brand Lift, Asda is able to gather purchase intent data from audiences seeing its mobile programmatic media. This data indicates if the proposition and products advertised would motivate those audiences to shop in an Asda store.

The results are then fed back in to the buying platform with Asda then able to optimise and “reshape” its media so that customers see products and offers that are relevant to them and at a time that’s most useful.

Steve Thornton, digital account manager at Carat North – Asda’s media planning and buying agency – added that the ability to create ads that are more relevant and compelling for customers and knowing how they impact in-store behaviour is something the industry has long needed and that it’s already impressed with the results that have emerged.

It comes amidst a wider drive at Asda to understand the benefits of managing its media programmatically, as both an advertiser and a media owner. Last year, it began selling unsold ad units programmatically across three of its major websites ahead of of a push on the main grocery site.

The moves amount to supermarket’s early steps towards launching a private ad exchange.


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