ASDA becomes first UK supermarket to sell own label organic ready meals for kids

A little girl who needed an organic diet to help combat autism will have her special meals brought to the attention of millions this week. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 15.24.46.png

The preservative and artificial free foods devised by Georgia Stiles’ parents are so good that they’ve now been taken up by supermarket ASDA.

Twenty four different dishes will be sold under the supermarket’s own Great Stuff Organics label – making ASDA the only supermarket to sell organic ready meals especially for children.

Said ASDA chef Neil Nugent: “Thanks to Georgia, busy parents can now choose ready meals which they know contain only top quality organic food – at a price everyone can afford.”

Each ready meal follows the original organic recipes created by Georgia’s parents, Pauline and Gary Stiles, when their daughter was first diagnosed with autism in 1995.

Doctors suggested she should eat only organic foods free from preservatives and additives – but there was no suitable ready meal available anywhere in Britain.

The few products that were on the market were both expensive and inconvenient – so Pauline and Gary decided to make their own.

Recognising that many parents were in the same position, they formed Pure Organics, a tiny company dedicated to supplying high quality, healthy, organic meals to specialist outlets.

However, ASDA began working with the company last year – and now the entire range of children’s organic ready meals will be sold in all of its stores across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Every ingredient comes from an approved organic source and, where possible, from farms surrounding Pure Organics’ headquarters in Wiltshire.

Specialist chefs cook every dish in dedicated organic food kitchens, ensuring that the highest possible standards are maintained at all times.

Each meal costs £1.78 – almost half the cost of a burger and fries from a fast food outlet.

Said ASDA’s Neil Nugent: “From now on, no parent, anywhere in the UK, need face the same hurdles experienced by Georgia’s parents.

“Neither being rushed for time nor the often high cost of organic food, will any longer prevent mums and dads from choosing to give their children tasty organic food.”


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