BBC launches iPlayer Kids


bbc-iplayer-kids-480.pngThe new iPlayer Kids app, which launched yesterday, will deliver CBeebies and CBBC shows directly to children.

The app will have access to over 10,000 episodes which can be streamed or downloaded.

It will offer up to four profiles, providing specialised content to each child. By selecting an age in the profile and a character to go with the child’s login, age specific content can be aimed at pre-schoolers or over-fives specifically. This will filter out search content, meaning the programmes suit the user that is signed in.

The BBC has assured parents that the app is both ad and in-app purchase free. It also locks children within the app so that they are unable to access any BBC links or settings.

Alice Webb, director of BBC Children’s, commented: “The BBC iPlayer Kids app meets the needs we know are absolute deal breakers for kids and parents. We’re offering choice and control, wrapped up in a child-friendly design, and the largest range of home-grown UK content on a platform parents can trust.”

Following the transition of BBC Three from a linear to online service, questions have been raised about whether the CBeebies and CBBC channels are on the same path. Speaking at the London launch event, Alice Webb said: “What I am planning as head of children’s is that we will be here with our TV channels for as long as children are watching them, and the majority of viewing is still coming through those channels.”

The BBC iPlayer Kids app is available for download now via Apple, Google and Amazon.

Source: (April 14th, 2016)

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