Star Wars pop-up restaurant heads to London

Supper club ‘The Fork Awakens’ will run from June 23 to July 2.

Star Wars fans will get the chance to experience a special themed culinary feast this summer, with a pop-up restaurant set to open its doors in London.

Put together by Barrel & Forks, the restaurant – rather aptly named ‘The Fork Awakens’ – will be open for seven nights from June 23 to July 2.

The location is currently secret, but fans have been promised ‘strong drinks, hot tunes and occasional outbreaks of shocking violence’ as part of the canteen experience.

On the menu will be ‘hutt dogs’ and special spacefood, while there will also be the chance to ‘meet galactic explorers and interact with the rebels’.

Tickets are £55 per guest.

Interested parties can register online by clicking here, and will then receive a unique ID to become a member of the ‘fork alliance’.


Source: (By Samantha Loveday | April 26, 2016)

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