Upcoming Instagram analytics to provide more depth for marketers

According to Later, Instagram is in the midst of testing new analytics tools that provide deeper analytics — a move that continues the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform evolution to be more valuable for brands and marketers, and closer to the familiar Facebook advertising ecosystem. Recently, Instagram began testing new features for business profiles including adding a “contact” button, a linkable location tag and a category (much like business pages for Facebook) for profiles.

The Instagram analytics, known as Insights in the app, provide follower data including who they are, where they’re located, when they’re online and how many people viewed an individual post.

New Instagram analytics

Follower and post analytics cover the location and city of followers and include a handy breakdown as to the best times to be posting/scheduling. Additionally, follower analytics provide an overview of age/gender of followers, new followers and data on top posts for both 7 and 30-day periods to assist in determining engagement rates.

New Instagram analytics

TechCrunch noted that some users are currently seeing the tools live in their app, though a specific rollout date is expected in the coming months.


Source: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2016/05/16/upcoming-instagram-analytics-provide-more-depth-marketers (16 MAY 2016 | BY DOUG ZANGER)

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