Disney Living homewares collabs revealed



Brands such as Mickey Mouse and Star Wars act as inspiration for high-end products.

Disney Living has unveiled a number of high-end collaborations within the homewares sector.

Characters and brands including Mickey Mouse, Star Wars and Beauty and the Beast acted as inspiration for a collection of designers.

German industrial designer Ingo Maurer, who specialises in lamps and light installations used Mickey Mouse as inspiration for his product(pictured), while Nani Marquina use the character in a special nomad rug – representing the ‘simplicity, modernity, excitement and surprise’ of the brand.

Beauty and the Beast was behind a collection of interior accessories from Squint, while Padmé Amidala’s iconic hairstyle from the Star Wars franchise, was used by Zaha Hadid for a special desk.

Terence Conran also turned to Mickey Mouse, trying to capture the spirit of ‘timeless humour, charm and cheerful optimism’ in his chair design.


Source: http://licensingsource.net/disney-living-homewares-collabs-revealed/ (By Samantha Loveday | May 20, 2016)

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