Rovio Unveils Expansive Angry Birds Book Plans


More than 20 global publishers will expand the Angry Birds storyworld.

Rovio Entertainment, via its publishing arm Kaiken Publishing, has partnered with more than 20 publishers worldwide to expand the Angry Birds Movie universe.

“It’s always been our aim to offer stories to Angry Birds fans in their native languages,” says Laura Nevanlinna, chief executive officer and publisher, Kaiken Publishing. “Language truly builds a connection between the reader and the storyworld. We’re incredibly proud to have such an amazing group of partners on board and quite thrilled to be the first Finnish brand to create such a massive, global and simultaneously launched publishing program.”

Several of Angry Birds’ new publishing partners include:

  • HarperCollins Children’s Books for an extensive publishing program in the U.S. and Canada, including The Angry Birds Movie: The Junior Novel, which retells the entire story of the movie.
  • Centum Books for a line of books that will expand the storyworld of the film for British, Australian and U.S. readers.
  • Panini for a worldwide sticker collection program, as well as magazines and comics in Europe and Mexico.
  • Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial for a range of story and activity books in Spain.
  • Hachette Livre in France for a range of story and activity books.
  • Editions Larousse for special book formats including The Angry Birds Personality Test Book.
  • Le Lombard for comic books in France.
  • IDW Publishing for comic books and an illustrated behind-the-scenes book in the U.S.
  • Shanghai 99 for comic books in China.
  • Gramedia Pustaka Utama for story, activity and comic books in Indonesia.
  • BPlus Mongolia for titles in the Mongolian language.

“The amazing box office success of The Angry Birds Movie has fueled an incredible interest in books based on the characters and the film,” says David Linker, executive editor, HarperCollins. “We’ve seen a growing swell of interest and strong sales across all seven titles in our Angry Birds Movie program. It’s really remarkable to see how the property has evolved and tremendously satisfying to see the enthusiastic reception our books are having.”


Source:  (Jun 02, 2016 | By License! Global)

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