The BFG Film Spurs New Products


Disney’s upcoming movie based on the Roald Dahl novel brings new tenor to the brand’s licensing program.

The Roald Dahl Literary Estate has unveiled a new, robust licensing program in anticipation of Disney’s The BFG, in theaters July 22 in the U.K.

The estate has partnered with the Oxford University Press for the release of the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary, which compiles Dahl’s inventive use of language. The estate has also partnered with Penguin Random House for an exclusive, limited edition copy of the The BFG that will showcase never-before-seen illustrations by Quentin Blake.

Beyond publishing, The BFG will also see additions in a range of other categories including Rainbow Designs for a soft toys; Moonpig for personalized greeting cards; BCI for adult apparel; and Steiff for a limited edition teddy bear, among others.

“This is a fantastic year for the Roald Dahl brand and we’re excited that it will see a host of new products, the BFG serving as the rightful hero in this gloriumptious centenary year,” says Alicia Davenport, director, licensing, DRi.

The Roald Dahl licensing program focuses on The BFG, Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Source: (Jun 08, 2016 | By License! Global)

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  1. atthematinee says:

    Nice post! Have you shared your thoughts on any movie sites before? 🙂


    1. gigretail says:

      Thank you! This is a repost and we are glad you can appreciate it!

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