WKD unveils ‘WKD Blush Hour’ campaign

WKD unveils ‘WKD Blush Hour’ campaign
WKD has announced the launch of ‘WKD Blush Hour’ on Mixcloud radio – a ten-week digital and social media campaign headlined by Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead.

The weekly 7pm Saturday night slot goes live on June 25 and runs throughout July and August, providing the soundtrack for consumers enjoying sharing a night in or getting ready for a Saturday night out.

WKD said Binky Felstead will be playing the hottest music tracks and inviting consumers to get involved via shout outs and selecting the tracks that they want to hear, alongside sharing fashion, lifestyle, beauty and make-up tips.

Debs Carter, marketing director – Alcohol, at SHS Drinks, said: “The ‘WKD Blush Hour’ provides an unrivalled opportunity for WKD Blush to engage with WKDs core audience of 18 to 24-year-olds at a key point in their weekly social calendar.

“Socialising with friends is and always has been at the very heart of the WKD brand’s DNA and this campaign will resonate with consumers by bringing together a winning combination of the key influences on this peer group’s lives:  music, fashion, the chance to win fabulous prizes and getting together with mates on Saturday nights all headlined by a renowned and popular style icon and accessible via social media.”



Source: http://www.talkingretail.com/products-news/alcohol/wkd-unveils-wkd-blush-hour-campaign/ (21 June)


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