LinkedIn rolls out programmatic ads shortly after the $26.2bn Microsoft acquisition

Professional social media network LinkedIn has set about monetising its 400 million members by introducing programmatic ad buying to advertisers.

The new method of buying LinkedIn Display Ads comes after the system was trialled in Q3 2015. It will deliver display ads on LinkedIn desktop, on supplementing the earning power of sponsored content which delivers 60 per cent of its revenue.

Russell Glass, head of products, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, said: “LinkedIn is by far the most scaled platform for business professionals out there and you can reach a lot of them in a highly targeted way.

“Our ad units are all above the fold placements – we score high in viewability and the platform is a conducive environment for display ads.”

Buyers can acquire space through open auction or via LinkedIn private auctions.

The automated ad buys come after Microsoft gambled $26.2bn on the company. With a wealth of professionals indexed by industry, interests and skills on the site, brands will now be able to find a more valuable proposition.



Source: (28 JUNE 2016 | JOHN MCCARTHY)

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