Asda and O2 launch new smart mobile coupon system with McCain Roasts campaign

Asda and O2 have launched what they describe as a “turning point” for digital technology at the till, with a new smartphone scheme enabling companies to dispense with the need for paper coupons.

The telecoms giant’s subsidiary Weve, alongside digital promotions software company Eagle-Eye Solutions, has developed ‘smart scanner’ mobile coupons, starting with a nationwide campaign for McCain Roasts.

The coupons allow customers to redeem offers straight from their smartphone without the need to print.

Advertisers can also track redemptions in real-time and provide more personalised and relevant offers.

The system works with Weve sending a text message containing offer details and a link to a coupon. Once customers click on the link, they are given a barcode to scan at the checkout directly from their mobile, redeeming the coupon.

“Previously, consumers who received digital offers were required to revert to printing paper copies in order to redeem at the till,” said Weve commercial director Tom Pearman.

“Advertisers can now influence consumers in the vicinity of a mobile scanner-enabled retailer to drive product trial and purchase via mobile coupon redemption. This bespoke system also makes it easier than ever for advertisers to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns. Two-thirds (66%) of consumers have told us that they would find it useful to receive promotional messages about relevant products while in, or near, a supermarket. This product not only meets that demand, but gives advertisers unparalleled insights into which offers are most successful among specific consumer audiences.”

Matt Lee, director and co-founder of ad agency Capture, which is linin gup advertisers for the technology, said: “It can often be a struggle to gain sustainable rates of sale when a product is hidden among over 30,000 others in a supermarket. We can now get them seen by using the right deal mechanics, to target the right demographic, when they’re in the purchasing mindset in-store. That’s a genuine win for the consumer, the brand and the retailer.”


Source: (25 Aug 2016 | Ian Quinn)

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