Asda and M&S win big in Christmas Taste Awards

Two supermarkets at the opposite end of the price spectrum won big in BBC Good Food magazine Christmas Taste Awards.  Supermarket giants Asda and Marks & Spencer won five titles each in the annual Christmas taste test.  The most prestigious best turkey award went to Asda’s Extra Special corn-fed Bronze turkey, costing £6 to £9 a kilo. The turkey dish received all praises from the Judges with one describing it as “plump, glossy and beautifully golden – the birds’ diet of corn adds colour as well as flavour”.

Asda and M&S win big in Christmas Taste Awards

The Christmas taste awards are given yearly in 18 different categories after a panel of expert judges blind tastes products from 10 different supermarkets in UK. There were over 160 products this year ranging from a £50 M&S beef rib with porcini to £1.25 mince pies from Asda. Another one of Asda’s amazing dishes this season was the £3 Extra Special frozen macaroons, which according to a judge was amazing and hard to believe that it came from the freezer.

Marks & Spencer performed well in Christmas pudding, panettone, vegetarian canapes, vegetarian starters and alternative main course for its beef rib. The best seafood platter award went to Tesco for its £32.50 three-tiered offering. Asda grabbed the best ham and best smoked salmon awards with its £15 smoked gammon with whisky and ginger glaze and £4 Extra Special smoked salmon pack respectively.

Gillian Carter, the magazine’s editor, said: “This year’s results show that you don’t have to blow the budget to enjoy great food. We always blind-taste all the products so that we judge solely on taste and appearance, and aren’t influenced by the packaging or the retailer’s reputation. The budget supermarkets continue to have a huge impact on the food retail landscape, and this year Asda has really excelled.”

Source: (28th October 2016 | By )


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