Asda makes it seven Grocer 33 pricing wins in a row

Asda made it a magnificent seven Grocer 33 pricing wins in a row this week.

Its £68.11 total included 17 items that were cheapest, six of them exclusively so, and overall it was £1.30 cheaper than nearest rival, Morrisons – though for the Mobile 33 Ocado was second thanks to free delivery.

However, Asda’s relatively thin margin of victory once again meant it was forced to offer our mystery shopper a hefty voucher, worth £4.24 off her next shop, as part of its Asda Price Guarantee scheme.

Sainsbury’s came in third with a £71.18 total, while fourth-placed Tesco had to rely on a deep discount via its Brand Guarantee initiative to remain competitive.

Our mystery shopper at Tesco had £4.03 taken off her bill at the checkout and this sum would have been £4.47 had the store she visited stocked all of the branded items on our list. This would have brought its total down from £73.16 to £68.69 – still more expensive than Asda but cheaper than Morrisons.

In the battle between Waitrose and Ocado, it was the online specialist (and Waitrose customer) that came out top this week. Guest retailer Ocado’s total came to £73.45, which despite being £7.34 more than Asda (or £1.34 on the Mobile 33 order), was £1.58 cheaper than Waitrose in sixth place.


Source: (24 Nov 2016 | Ronan Hegarty)


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