Stella Artois opens pop-up Toasting Lounge


Until the end of the month, beer lovers and Christmas shoppers can sample a Stella Artois brew and buy the brand’s special Christmas set, exclusive to the lounge. The Christmas set features a limited-edition Stella Artois holiday chalice, which can be engraved on-site with the recipient’s name or a short Christmas greeting. There is also a limited-edition 750ml holiday bottle, which can also be engraved.


Both the chalice and bottle incorporate a star in their design, which pays homage to the brand’s origins. The Stella Artois brew was originally created by The Artois Brewery as a Christmas gift for the people of Leuven in Belgium, with “stella” being added to its title as it is Latin for “star”.



Fun and social social activities are also being offered at the lounge, plus a “happy hour” every day. There will also be surprise happy hours, signalled by the ringing of a bell.


Free half-pints are offered for certain social-media activity by guests, plus there are competitions with the limited-edition Christmas Set as a prize.

There is a special chalice installation where visitors can take selfies including a 360deg. “Moment with the Stars” photo to share on Facebook.

Open from 11.30am daily until 8.30pm but with specific hours for bar service, the lounge is on Level 1 at Pacific Place.





Source: (December 6, 2016 | Inside Retail Hong Kong)

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