Cadbury launches Creme Egg Hunting Lodge

Cadbury is revamping last year's Creme Egg Café concept
Cadbury is revamping last year’s Creme Egg Café concept

The Cadbury Creme Egg Café was launched for the first time last year. This year’s concept is tying in with a larger advertising campaign around #CremeEggHuntingSeason, the lodge will debut on the 27 January at the London Eye before making its way to Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Edinburgh.

The lodge will be open for a limited time only throughout January and February, offering an immersive café-style experience serving a range of Creme Egg inspired treats, including Creme Black Forest toasties. A takeaway area will offer Creme Egg S’mores to-go.

The Cadbury Creme Egg Hunting Lodge will tour from 27 January – 26 February and all proceeds generated at the lodge will be donated to the Prince’s Trust Charity.

In November, Cadbury took giant Christmas-themed delivery trucks across Australia with the aim of bringing joy to consumers.



Source: (12 January 2017)

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